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Today, New Orleans singer-songwriter Courtney Cole is out with a brand new EP; EarthquakeA gentle and emotional record, featuring some beautiful instrumentals and stunning vocals; the 4-track EP comprises three pre-released singles, released earlier this year — New EyesRight Direction and Spiritual — alongside the brand new title track, Earthquake. Playing like a collection of sonic diary entries; the EP works as a journal, documenting Cole’s journey of self-discovery as she tackles what it means to find power and trust within oneself: it’s about choosing joy in the midst of pain and love in the midst of uncertainty and finding out who you truly are in the process. So keep on reading as we delve into a more in-depth, track-by-track look at the brand new EP from Courtney Cole.

First up, is Spiritual. The first official single release from the EP, with the track being released back in 2018; Spiritual is the perfect way to start the record. A track all about self and re-discovery, new beginnings and healing; Spiritual sees Cole move away from her Nashville country roots for a more pop inspired sound. With a few gentle notes to open the track, the song sets the mood and tone for the whole record. Keeping things simple and uncomplicated, the track has a really beautiful piano instrumental running throughout, really enabling Cole’s powerful vocals to be right at the forefront at the track, and allowing the raw emotion of the song to come through. 

With a truly stunning instrumental intro, track number two – Right Direction, seamlessly follows on from Spiritual. An exquisite and bright ballad, filled with more impressive piano melodies; Cole retains the same raw emotion and vulnerability throughout the track. Switching things up thematically; on track number three – New Eyes – Cole moves away from themes of self-discovery and navigating a new path, to themes of love. As well as a change in theme, Cole also shifts away from a piano based instrumental on this track, and introduces some acoustic guitar elements into the tracks musical composition. And last but not least is the brand new single, and title track, off of the EP – Earthquake. Another gentle and emotive ballad; Earthquake has a quietly powerful energy to it, adding a grand flurry of vitality and passion to the EP as it comes to an end. And as the last notes play out, the track ends with a soft, and almost ethereal, instrumental; coming to a complete close on one abrupt and succinct note, giving closure to the record.  

To keep up with Courtney Cole on social media, find her at @TheCourtneyCole and keep an eye out for more new music from the incredible singer!

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