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Courtney Jade – ‘The Way I Do’

“Wish we could escape lets fly away just for a day/ You don’t see things the way I do”  

Making her emergence onto the music scene back in 2019, with the release of her debut single Better Offrising 20 year old South African singer-songwriter Courtney Jade combines her soulful voice with a range of Slow Pop, Neo Soul and R&B genres in a captivating blend of vibrant artistry; rapidly garnering the attention of listeners and audiences around the world. At the age of 16, she moved to the UK where she has since dropped a steady stream of releases; delivering a series of eight singles over the past two years that she has performed at many of her gigs across London. Now back with her first release of the year, Courtney has teamed up with emerging artist Didi on their brand new track The Way I Doout today. 

Opening the track is a delicate and gentle up-beat pop instrumental that sets the tone for the rest of the song. Delivering a melodic and glimmering soundscape, the captivating instrumentation is filled with a perfect compilation of soft guitar lines, rhythmic percussive beats and atmospheric pop vibes. Gliding effortlessly across the stunning sonic landscape, and undeniably the standout feature of the song, are Courtney Jade’s wonderfully refined soulful vocals that perfectly blend and harmonize with Didi’s raw pop cadences to create an easy-going and unique sound that runs throughout the track. Continuing to showcase their vivacious and skilled artistry, the combination of these two vocalists and their cross-genre mix makes this track an absolute must listen, with its rare yet still simultaneous sound.

“This song is based on relationships, often two people clash from having different viewpoints and expectations, this song focuses on both the different expectations as well as the simultaneous emotions of each individual.”

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