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Cris Cap releases new single amongst three-track EP ‘Wings Of Love’

Based in Germany, Cris Cap’s music blends influences from the likes of Tom Misch to Al Green. Showcasing himself as a skilled instrumentalist and songwriter since 2020, he crafts a nostalgic yet fresh sound, drawing on his childhood piano lessons and curiosity for music. Despite diversions into audio engineering and TV directing, Cris Cap remains dedicated to performing across Europe, delivering heartfelt lyrics and evocative piano melodies. He stands firm, proud of his musical journey and the resonating tapestry of sound he offers to audiences worldwide.

Cap’s latest release arrives as part of a three-track EP. Title track ‘Wings Of Love’ is a glowing and soulful number, injected with a radiant and angelic performance from J Burney. The songwriter’s arrangement backs up these sleek vocals with warm string arrangements, addictively laid-back drum grooves and subtle piano melodies. All of these elements converge into a beautiful portrait of love.

Cap explains the new single, “’Wings of Love’ is dedicated to my daughter Anna. It is a love letter to her and an ode to Generation Z. I wanted to write a song of celebration that encapsulated the beauty of bringing up your own children. One of the most important things in raising a child is giving them the opportunity to grow strong and independent. Giving children ‘roots and wings’ (as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is quoted) will help them to get strong, and on the other hand, be free to find their own way in life. But when eventually the day comes that the child will leave the parents, it might probably not be easy for them to let go. That is why this song is melancholic but at the same time very optimistic, and it’s celebrating that moment when you start to realize that you have to let your child go one day. For me, seeing the incredible process of a person developing from a baby to a grown-up is one of the greatest experiences in life. Such a change! It’s not always easy accompanying your child in this, but it’s absolutely worth all the effort.”

“I feel incredibly blessed to have worked with such amazing artists on this project. J. Burney’s vocals brought a whole new dimension to the song. He is a multi-Grammy nominated songwriter and singer, as a vocalist he has had the honor of recording with the legendary Ray Charles , Michael Bolton , Jackson Browne and recently sang live with Mary J Blige and Queen Latifah. The vocals were recorded in L.A. Drum tracks from Andy Bauer (who shared the stage with Sia, Feist, The Dap Kings, Duffy, Jamie Lidell, The Black Crows, Sam Smith and Childish Gambino) and the orchestral arrangements of The Mellowtone Orchestra Düsseldorf brought the arrangement to life. I also had the pleasure of contributing my piano and Fender Rhodes skills while singing background vocals. It was a collective effort that resulted in something truly special.”