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Dana Karic releases new album ‘Love Phases’ with lead single ‘My Love’

Serbian singer/songwriter Dana Karic is no stranger to writing, recording and performing music, she’s been doing it all her life. Finding her footing as one half of sister Pop duo D’n’D, she’s already had a musical career that has won her multiple accolades over her musical career spanning twenty years. Her new album ‘Love Phases’ is proof of her musical knowledge.

The album’s main stand out feature is Dana’s voice. Powerful, raw and emotionally penned, Dana paints a perfect picture of her lyrics with her voice, and it works hand in glove with the albums strong bass lines and groove. The album flows from dance-worthy anthems to timid, shy and stripped back ballads.

‘My Love’ – the lead single – nods towards more towards R&B. The single revels her innermost emotions and deep love and is sung infectiously. The track pays homage to her incredible talent, honest lyricism and captivating vocals.

Dana Karic is a multimedia artist with 20 years on the music scene in Serbia. A Trinity College of Music graduate and one half of pop duo D’n’D, Dana has performed around Europe, amassing accolades for her artistic flair. Her albums ‘Love in 13 Pictures’, ‘Our Secret Place’, and interactive music project ‘Free Birds Fly High’ confirm her status as a multi-talented artist.

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