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Dana Luna makes huge impression with track “Mascara”

Dana Luna has always been obsessed with music – however she never knew how to channel this energy. In the latter part of Covid she decided to take the plunge and write and record her own EP “Sorry, Did You Call Me ExTra?” which was lauded by fans and tastemakers alike. Her music is independent and she intends to keep it this way for maximum creative control.

Her latest release comes in the form of single “Mascara.” The track features anthemic instrumentation and irresistible vocal lines. Merging pop, indie and punk together, “Mascara” is signature-sounding and sure to make an impression.

On the new release, Dana Luna says, “’Mascara’ was written in session at Mad Fox in Manchester with a little help from my producer Tayte, I knew I wanted at least one song on the album that was more reflective of growing up in Manchester & my old friends than on any previous relationship. It was the second to last song of the five (on the EP) that we recorded & I went verse by verse breaking down ideas from my Instagram & Snapchat memories. When we were a lot younger we used to scheme our way into clubs & bars with any given method we could think up, Mascara is a feel good nostalgic record about that first taste of freedom.”

With an upcoming E.P on the way, we cannot wait to see where she’ll take this.

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