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Danica Bryant – ‘Heart Eyes’

“But I’ll be waiting in the shadows when the spotlight fades to black”

Hailing from New Zealand, rising singer-songwriter Danica Bryant is back today with the release of her brand new pop-rock single Heart EyesHer first release of the year, following a fantastic series of 2020 releases; Heart Eyes is a perfect new addition to Danica’s rapidly growing sonic collection, and marks the latest exhilarating twist in her exciting musical journey, as she heads in a new artistic direction. Covering a mass of relatable topics and themes, from mental health to young love, she does so through her own distinctive sound and style that brings together addictive beats, personal lyricism and rich vocals. With exciting things ahead for Danica, she is certainly one of 2021’s “ones to watch” and an artist to keep an eye on. 

Written by Danica Bryant and produced by Jonny Avery, the track brings us into a bold and immersive sonic world that marks a notable change from her previous releases and is the first taste of her new sonic style and direction. As the track begins, we are instantly introduced to a vibrant and additive instrumental that delivers a rhythmic guitar line that runs throughout. Getting further into the song, Danica’s bold and punchy vocals emerge onto the scene, instantly commanding your attention and showcasing her skill and talent. With an overarchingly laid-back instrumental running throughout; as the chorus hits, the dynamic pop-rock guitar melody and energy kicks in, placed alongside some epic guitar solos, and gives off an addictive and bold atmosphere.

Talking about the meaning behind the track, and how Heart Eyes is told through the rose-tinted gaze of teenage girls in love with male celebrities, Danica explains:

“Girls grow up surrounded by all these pop culture heartthrobs that we’re meant to swoon over, and we’re supposed to cover our rooms in their posters and devote ourselves to being their perfect girl. Then somehow, when we get emotional about these unattainable men, we become the butt of the joke, and it’s ridiculous how obsessed and overly emotional we are. Heart Eyes is very much a satire on that idea. If you think I’m crazy, I can and will absolutely give you crazy.”

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