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Daniele Alan-Carter bursts with emotion in ‘Cool me down’

Daniele Alan-Carter has been a performer his entire life. As he entered the entertainment industry as part of international theatrical productions, he developed his skills around communicating with an audience, something that has transferred to his solo musical career. Building strong relationships with his fans and blending a vast array of poignant genres Daniele has crafted a unique niche that prioritises music as powerful medium.

Daniele’s latest track is the emotionally lawless new single ‘Cool me down’. Opening with a sparse piano line, backing an intimate, almost whispered lead vocal, the track delivers an immediately touching atmosphere. A synth and swirling organ sound are gently introduced, alongside eerie sound effects, before the track rockets into cinematic scale. Heavy percussion reverberates past tense string arrangements whilst Daniele cries into the vast open space. This dance between the profound and loving intimacy and tough and passionate burst of energy continues throughout the track, captivating listeners and ripping Daniele’s vulnerability apart.

He shares, ”It was a scorching summer day in Rome when my best friend and I found ourselves on his terrace, attempting to chill (or rather, sweating profusely) and delving into a conversation about love. We both realized that, in different relationships, we had oscillated between being overly clingy and completely avoidant. Surprisingly, in each scenario, it felt like the “right” thing to do at the time.

A few days later, we stumbled upon the movie “Red, White and Royal Blue” on Amazon Prime, which beautifully delved into the complexities of relationships, particularly when one partner is emotionally unavailable due to life circumstances or personal trauma, or perhaps both. This resonated deeply with us, sparking a journey of healing and self-reflection.

In response to our experiences and newfound insights, we decided to pen a song giving voice to both the avoidant and anxious types. Our goal was to illustrate that, in their own fragile ways, both have a right to exist. The essence of our song revolves around the understanding that there is no clear-cut right or wrong in love. We all navigate the messiness of our emotions uniquely, and sometimes, it’s liberating to simply let go, embrace the desires that draw us together, and be present for each other with compassion and love.”