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David & Goliat unveils optimistic single ‘Nothing Comes From Nothing’

David Billström, originally a solo artist and now supported by musicians from ‘The Tallest Man on Earth’, and from his hometown Leksand, Sweden, wrote music inspired by pop, rock, folk and blues, creating a vivid nostalgia in his laid-back songwriting. Receiving acclaim across Swedish media and supporting the likes of Nisse Hellberg (Wilmer X), Love Antell and Icona Pop, David & Goliat has seen plenty of good reviews.

The band’s first single as a collective is ‘Nothing Comes From Nothing’, which lyrically observes the world around us, the politics, society and the pursuit of victory. The vocals are raw and honest, performed over a pop-tinged indie-rock soundscape, providing a catchy yet emotionally poignant listening experience. Bright and breezy, rooted in optimism in the face of negativity, it inspires audiences to work constructively with those around them, instead of trying to be the best on their own.

David & Goliat add, “Our latest single is called ’Nothing Comes From Nothing’ and is a reflection of the zeitgeist we live in now. It’s an upbeat indie pop/rock song with country influences and a positive vibe. In contrast to the music, the lyrics comment on the role of social media today and the negative effects it has when based on lies and deception. Debates in politics and media are mostly about smear campaigns, witch hunts and trying to “win” the other side at all costs, rather than trying to build consensus and come up with something constructive together.

The cover art is a portrait of Baron von Munchhausen, also known as the ‘Liar Baron’, who was notorious for his tall tales and lies. All with the aim of making himself look better in the eyes of others. We all have the potential to create something good, but if there is nothing but empty lies at the core, sooner or later it will fall apart.