Della Chase showcases passionate single ‘Burn’

Unveiling her self-titled EP in 2018, Della Chase has been steadily growing an audience around her classic soul tendencies with hints of multi-genre tendencies to energise her tracks further. Now with a loyal core following, Della is set to make a strong return.

Arguably one of Della’s most iconic tracks, ‘Burn’, has seen continued support since its release, bringing together the best bits of Della’s songwriting through a gorgeous soundscape. Subtle strings move through grooving soulful backdrops, with warm bass lines trundling through punchy but relaxed drums and sparkling keyboards.

Vocally Della shows her talent with impassioned performances, crying out to a lover who broke her heart with a raw intensity that is captivating to listen to. Invoking the same sense of heartbreak and pain in the listener, the track falls through moments anger, sadness, at one point lulling the audience into a false contentment before pulling them back in to the bitterness for the last chorus.

Della shares an insight, ”Tim (co-writer) and I wrote “Burn” mainly out of the famous Milkboy the Studio and Retro City Studios, both in Philadelphia. It’s about heartbreak, betrayal and more, all centred around love.”