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Delphi and Preethevibes collaborate on ‘The Real’

Hailing from Sweden, and with roots in the Caribbean and West Africa, Delphi’s sound and versatile talent, having a breakthrough career as a woman of colour, has been recognised by prestigious industry tastemakers. She’s also toured Sweden and played at the Ricci Weekender festival in Sicily, gracing the stage with endless presence.

With ‘The Real’ both Delphi and collaborators Preethevibes have crafted an unstoppable summer sound. There’s a sense in every bar that the song could make the sunshine in the coldest winter, melting the snow and instantly creating a poolside cocktail party. The club bounce, the warm relaxed instrumentation, the chanting, and infectious vocal hooks all feed into this piece of music as a culmination of every summer emotion. It’s perfect as a morning get-up and go, an evening kickback or a nighttime party.

The artist shares, “’The Real’ is a song that delves into the essence of self-worth and about trusting that you’ll attract what’s best for you. It will make you want to bend over and shake your booty and is just the perfect soundtrack for liberation and fun.”