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Devan – ‘Pink Noise’

“Pink Noise was inspired by the messiness of life, particularly the confusion and growth that comes with navigating the shitshow of one’s early twenties”.

Toronto-born, London-raised artist Devan captures all the inevitable mess you encounter while entering adulthood in her dazzling new record Pink Noisereleased late last month. Pursuing music from an early age, she has drawn upon a range of diverse influences to create a voice and sound that is completely and uniquely hers. A familiar face on the music scene, she has spent the last six years developing her talents as a singer, songwriter and performer with folk-pop band Wild Rivers who have so far garnered over 160 million global streams. Since her debut release last year, and embarking on her solo journey, she has been introducing us to who she is an artist and her unique sound and style. And now, starting off a new musical chapter with the release of her debut EP Pink Noise last month, she continues to hone her craft as an artist and producer.

Back with the release of her brand new debut EP Pink Noise, the six-track record is a compilation of vibrant and up-tempo pop-led melodies, filled with a positive and captivating energy and an ambience that is perfect for the warmer, brighter spring and summer days ahead. Drawing upon a range of genres and vibes, the EP begins with the two pre released singles off of the record – Almost and Real Shot – that introduce and bring us further into this new sonic world. Setting the tone, we have a more classic and delicate pop anthem on track number 1 – Almost, featuring artistic talents and stunning harmonies from the likes of Corey Harper, and showcasing Devan’s vocal skill and flair. As the record progresses, we get a range of soundscapes and sonic elements and styles; from the infusion of some subtle electro inspired beats on Make Up Your Mind, to soulful R&B instrumentals running throughout on We’re All Gonna Die Anyway and ending the record on a powerful and atmospheric ballad style track with Conclusions.

A vibrant and stunning EP, the record draws upon a range of topics and relatable themes that encompass mental health, imperfections and insecurities and classic adulting life lessons. Illustrating the chaos and craziness of everything you begin to learn, and the lessons you discover, as you begin to grow up and start to adult; the EP is steeped in playful pop melodies, alongside a reflective ambience, to create a stunning and enchanting cinematic listening event. An incredible delivery from the talented artist, Pink Noise is sure to be the soundtrack of many people’s spring and summer going forward this year and will certainly make a perfect addition to all your currently playlists. 

“Pink Noise is about insecurity, but it’s also about being able to breathe out and feel a sense of relief towards my revelation that my reality is formed by my own perceptions. My only guideline for writing these songs was to try to be as honest with myself as possible, and follow my instincts without all the self-inflicted barriers that I usually let get in the way. I often look to music as a comfort and sometimes it even helps me figure out how I’m feeling. I hope these songs and their subject matter help validate your own experiences and emotions”.

Another incredible release from Devan, she is continuing to place her mark on the music scene and is undoubtedly one of 2021’s “One’s To Watch”. So make sure to keep an eye out for more incredible music and releases from Devan; and stay tuned to see what we can expect from the talented artist next.  


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