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Dolce Blue share soft sadness of ‘Typical Kind of Fun’

Hailing from Western Australia, Dolce Blue emerged in 2018 with their debut single ‘New White Sneakers’, quickly following it up with the thirteen-track album Forever Is Too Long. Continuous support from national radio helped to garner the attention of the award-winning label Blue Grey Pink, with whom the group are currently signed. Supporting the likes of Sly Withers, Shag Rock, and Noah Dillon during their first nationwide tour, they wrapped up their time on the road with an unofficial showcase of their second album Sweet Melancholy at BIGSOUND 2023. Now, they tease a deluxe edition of Sweet Melancholy, set to be unveiled this summer.

Dolce Blue’s latest single ‘Typical Kind of Fun’, opens with an immediately wistful electric guitar melody, there for only a moment, but setting the scene for sombre scenarios. The vocal duet enhances the flowing nature of the music, the second layer an echo of the soft sadness that Dolce Blue is able to capture so vividly. From moment to moment, the quartet sways as one, holding the listener in the gentle grooves as they pour out the heartbroken themes. The contrast of the title, and key vocal line, against the feeling of the track is a further showcase of the thoughtful songwriting, making it an emotive listening experience.

Veronica, lead singer shares the influence of the band’s drummer on the track, “Brody came to me with some songs he had started writing, one of them was just a snippet which is the opening few lines of Typical Kind of Fun that I felt really drawn to, I could relate to the idea of somebody having a hold on you and the disappointment and betrayal of finding out that that person is not really who you thought they were, so I expanded on it to form the rest of the song”.