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Dolly Ave – ALBUM: ‘Sleep’

Today, Vietnamese-American lo-fi artist Dolly Ave releases her 7 track debut album Sleep as she continues to place her mark on the music industry. Having emerged onto the scene in 2018 with her debut release Birds, she followed this up last year with a series of incredible singles that saw her come into her own as an artist and deliver her break out hit with her collaboration on Sunlight, Quiet, Flowers alongside rapper Charlie Curtis-Beard which trended number 1 on TikTok’s Original Music charts for 7 days straight. Bringing together a vibrant and eclectic array of sounds; fusing together pop, R&B, soul and electronic elements and genres, the record is a vibrant new offering for the talented artist and features an array of collaborations with other rising stars. Definitely not a heartbreak album, Sleep is a perfect reflection and embodiment of Dolly’s creativity and her ability to weave the nuances of life and love into a musical masterpiece.

Delivering intimate and personal narratives, together with enchanting and dynamic lo-fi soundscapes; Sleep in an immersive and relatable project that moves and takes us through the ebbs and flows of a relationship, with it written in the latter half of 2019 while Dolly was trying to find closure and solace while being in the midst of a break-up. Leading the record is the short but sweet intro track People, that truly immerses and brings you into the sonic world of the album. With rhythmic beats and gentle harmonies, the pulsating lo-fi synth vibes create an ambient and atmospheric energy that envelops you in the mesmerizing soundscape. 

As we move into the body of the track, we continue to explore and dive into Dolly’s sonic world, with some added features and influences from collaborative artists including Tim Atlas, CHAI and ALWAYS DIME. Teaming up with LA-based artist Tim Atlas on Occupied, we see Dolly’s story come full circle on the up-tempo R&B-pop style track as she explains that it’s “really lovely…that a girl from the middle of nowhere got to write a song with somebody she used to watch on YouTube”. Following this is what can be considered the heart and soul of the album on track number 5, Florida. With a soft and mellow tone, the song sees Dolly’s poignant vocals layered beautifully over a melodic lo-fi, alt-pop instrumental and giving a sense of reassurance and clarity through her expertly crafted lyricism. And ending on a mesmerizing and ethereal note, the record plays out with the final track Waiting For You as the last bars of the orchestral instrumental gently fade out.

A stunning record from start to end, Sleep comes together to create a cohesive and immersive record that is truly intoxicating from the very first note right through to the last. And, as the title suggests, it gives off an atmospheric and ambient energy that is perfect for the midnight hours. Another incredible release from the talented artist, she continues to hone her craft and enchant us with her unique sonic style and flair. 

Talking about the record, Dolly explains:

“It’s definitely me finding empowerment in the vulnerability of each stage.”

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