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Dylan Joshua makes graceful return with new single: “Shordies vs The Internet”

Dylan Joshua is determined to make 2022 his year and has started with a graceful offering ‘Shordies vs The Internet.’ The instrumentation is crisp and minimal and provides a perfect backdrop for Dylan’s well executed vocal performance and impressively crafted lyrics. The hook and melodies are infectious throughout the song, but digging deeper is interesting also. There’s a a returning motif that sees Joshua evaluate the pressure of conformity that the internet seems to have on our society.

Speaking to us about the release he claims: “It’s just my perspective of feeling how much the internet’s culture affects the people around me. Even when you don’t completely buy into it yourself, it becomes a standard the people around you start to abide by, eventually affecting you. And even though you don’t seem to know anyone living a life as simple or perfect as the internet makes it seem, we still aim for it, we believe in it. It starts affecting our wants and desires, changing the way we view our own relationships or body or material possessions.”

Dylan often blends the genres of R&B and Hip-Hop, whilst often discussing reality and the emotions that come with struggling from an everyday man’s perspective. With his artistry impressive, it won’t take long for Dylan to be making big moves within the wider industry.

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