Earl Gray Collective releases ‘Raindrops’

Earl Gray Collective’s ‘Raindrops’ is a beautifully light and delicate offering. The intricate yet powerful arrangement enshrines the soul-baring raw vocal performance. It transports the listener unashamedly into a world of deep emotion. As the music morphs from gentle to euphoric, the sympathetic production and ever developing layers blend seamlessly, driving the song towards its emotionally charged and soul wrenching guitar centric climax.

Discussing the release, Earl Gray Collective said: “Raindrops is an honest attempt to express the painful journey of finding the power to forgive others, even when they’ve seriously hurt you. I (Will) have a bad habit of holding in my emotions. This song was written to remind me that to be healthy I needed to find ways to express my pain to others and to God in order to forgive.”

Hailing from Cardiff, Hampshire, Woking and Australia, Earl Gray Collective are a piano-led four-piece known for delivering blues & funk inspired indie rock/pop with an expressive and vibrant tone. The band originated when lead singer Will Gray and drummer Katie Earl met at university. On hearing each other’s last names they decided that they should either get married or start a band…needless to say, in 2018 the band was finally formed. The band went through an incubation period figuring out its style, identity and musical direction, and with the addition of 2 new members – Zac Guy (Electric Guitar) and Alex Neil (Bass), Earl Gray Collective’s direction was set and their first EP released in early 2019. Since then the band have amassed over 15,000 plays, catching the ears of many new fans and gaining support from notable tastemakers such as John Kennedy at Radio X and Alice Amel at Riverside Radio. 

With influences reaching as far as Jamie Cullum, John Mayer, Amber Run, Matt Corby, Paramore and many more, Earl Gray Collective’s style is unique and ever evolving, always striving for the future yet constantly indulging the past. With their vast number of influences both past and present woven into every note that they write, Earl Gray Collective have seen hoards of people both old and young finding solace within their songs. Earl Gray Collective’s second EP encompasses high impact energy and furiously catchy melodies to carry you from the summer months into the winter.

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