Ecota drops dreamy EP ‘What We Gonna Do’

Lithuania born and Newcastle based Valerija Michailova is trying to push the boundaries of ‘bedroom pop’ with her new dream pop E.P ‘What We Gonna Do’. The talented musician and songwriter has crafted a glowing debut E.P that shines, with a vocal intertwining neatly around washed out guitars. “What We Gonna Do” and “Sunset” presents infectious melodies with strong lyric accompaniment, whilst “Right Now” and “Forget You” provides a change of pace and showcases a different dynamic of the singer-songwriter. 

Valerija has been refining her musicianship after playing in different bands in college. A lack of creative freedom resulted in a new solo path, a project which she calls Ecota. Last year, an attempt to master recording skills resulted in a recording of a whole EP which came out this April. Speaking to us about this time she said: “Everyday it’s the same and there’s nothing else to do, so what are we gonna do?” Hence the first track. 

The defined boundaries of the newly named ‘bedroom pop’ are almost nonexistent, but Ecota attempts to push this even further. A growing recognition accompanies as well,  winning the “Demo of the Month” award in Narc Magazine’s March issue and featuring in April’s issue of the magazine. With the project brewing over lockdown and the future looks extremely bright, we can’t wait to hear these tracks live to impress even further.

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