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Today, it is all about pop-oriented singer-songwriter Elin Bellander and her latest new single Good on My OwnReleased last Friday, Elin collaborated on the addictive pop track with the rising indie singer, songwriter and producer – Skyler Cocco. Produced and mixed by Skyler; the two worked on the track together in the most 2020 fashion – via social media – as the pandemic prevented them from being able to work in-person together. When talking about the collaboration, Elin spoke about how “it was super cool to connect with a compete stranger on the other side of the Atlantic and still manage to find a vibe together as creatives solely through digital platforms. During these trying times it’s nice to see that it’s still possible to form new creative connections and create something positive”. So keep on reading for the full break down of the new track, with some added insights from Elin herself!

“Working with Skyler was such a treat! I contacted her on Instagram and asked if she’d be down to work together and she was all for it. Since I’m mostly a top-liner I was looking for someone with great production skills and Skyler was definitely the perfect fit! We worked on the track solely through social media and email due to the pandemic keeping us from working in person, so it was a new way of collaborating for me but I think we really found a vibe together as creatives and made magic happen.”

With captivating pop beats, and a distinctive guitar riff at the centre of the melody; Good on My Own is a vibrant and melodic pop track, all about self-love and embracing ones own independence. With such a catchy instrumental; when speaking about the song’s instrumentation, and the inspiration behind the sonic composition; Elin explained how I was going through a pretty heavy obsession with Lennon Stella at the time and I’d say her sound is what inspired the track. Her instrumentation is so contemporary with such a fresh take on pop music and I definitely wanted to embody that in my work”. Inspired by her own experience getting out of a long-term relationship, the song draws on her own familiarity of finding herself, and her independence, amidst her new freedom. The track also projects a deeper meaning, and draws on more emotive lyrical substance, about losing yourself in a relationship and coming out of it the other side and finding happiness. And with her main musical inspirations being Julia Michaels, Lennon Stella, SHY Martin & FLETCHER; you can certainly hear their influence throughout the track, and the rest of Elin’s discography. 

Your third single, and first release of the year; how does Good on My Own fit into you overall discography, and the direction you want to head in musically?

“Good on My Own” is very different from anything else I have out, but it’s the first time I made something that feels 100% me. For a long time I was just making these songs that I thought were good but I never really felt like I made it home with any of them, until this one. In the past I would always write about how sad and broken I felt so it was really refreshing and cathartic to write an empowering pop anthem this time. I’d love to continue making pop music with something to say, I think we need more of that!”

Tell me a bit about your general creative process; and also the overall process for Good on My Own.

“My creative process varies depending on my mood or the situation I’m in. Sometimes I’ll have a lyric or even just a word written down in my notes and then go from there, or I’ll have a beat and hear melodies right away. Usually I like to just get on the mic and sing whatever i’m feeling to an instrumental of some sort, I prefer not to overthink it either lyrically or melodically. That’s exactly how Good on My Own came about, I pulled the beat I got from Skyler into a logic session and everything just came out in like 15 minutes – that’s when you know you’ve got something special!”

What would you say is the best way to listen to Good on My Own?

“Pre-game party or a girls night out! Definitely the right track to give you an ego boost or just put you in a good mood. I can totally picture a group of girlfriends hanging out with a bottle of wine (or two) just jamming out to this song, I think it’s the perfect choice for that type of evening!”

So definitely make sure to give Good on My Own, and the rest of Elin’s impressive discography a listen. And for more on Skyler Cocco, head here for an earlier post on her latest single. To keep up to date with all things Elin, and all her news and latest release; head over to all her socials @elinbellander

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