ELKIN give us luscious, harmonies on their new summer anthem ‘Tokens’

Alt-pop duo ELKIN have been writing and singing together since their teens and the harmony between them comes through in their harmony-driven sound, boosted by a pulsing bassline and glittering, folk-infused sounds. ‘Tokens’ is a relatable insight into the feeling of nostalgia that certain music and possessions can bring, with ELKIN’s witty and poetic lyricism giving them a sound that is unapologetically their own.

“To us ‘Tokens’ is a celebration of all the memories we’ve made in our early 20s,” ELKIN reveal. “We wanted to capture the nostalgia you feel when a song comes on and reminds you of the person who first showed it to you. This song is an homage to all the friends we’ve made along the way.”

The duo’s refreshing sound is sure to stick with you and keep you coming back for more and with support from Ireland’s major music tastemakers, this certainly won’t be the last you hear of ELKIN.

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