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Today, North-London based singer-songwriter Ella Bleakley releases her brand new single, Levels. Written on the road over the summer, Levels is the follow on from her previous single, Baby Stepsreleased earlier this year in August. Spending much of her time travelling the coasts of England; she draws her inspiration from the rural countryside, where she then brings that creativity back to London to record with her band. And this influence can be felt throughout her music, as it espouses the same energy of restful tranquillity that the countryside and rural landscapes tends to elicit.   

As the song begins, with a soft and alluring jazz-based instrumental, there is something that instantly draws you into the mellow calmness of the track. Giving off a soothing and deeply relaxing energy, the song instantly puts you in the mood of a relaxed Sunday morning, and is perfect for your calming autumnal playlists. Following the piano-led intro, Ella’s vocals are gently introduced into the immersive soundscape, and there is something so effortless and natural about how they blend with the melody. 

When talking about the new single, and the meaning the track; Ella spoke about how “the track is really about the different layers a mind has, and how many of those intimate layers can be reached by some, and go unnoticed by others. It’s also about how much of ourselves are we are connected to hence the title ‘levels,’ which I think epitomises metaphorically the intricacies to the emotional mind and how the various levels we have within us are natural, and therefore the discovery to and of each of those levels is a really beautiful personal journey”. 

A truly stunning jazz-ballad, Levels is not one to be missed. To keep up with Ella’s musical journey, and all her latest music and releases; find her on her socials @ellableakley

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