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Ella Rosa – ‘Nothing Sacred’

‘You take it/you waste it/nothing to you is sacred’

Yesterday, English-born, LA-based singer-songwriter Ella Rosa added to her collection of 2021 releases with her latest new single – her brand new track, Nothing Sacred. Bringing us some laid-back and enchanting R&B-pop vibes, the track continues to place Ella Rosa on the map and sees her make her name as one of the biggest rising stars in pop. A perfect display of Ella Rosa’s evocative and emotive vocals, this is the perfect taste of what’s to come, and what we can expect next from the talented artist. 

Another stunning and enchanting track, Nothing Sacred brings together Ella Rosa’s signature pop and R&B sound with her knack for candid and honest storytelling; delivering another confessional and highly relatable narrative as she contemplates a past relationship and the red flags that she missed. With a steady and rhythmic instrumental introducing the track, Ella Rosa’s vocals swiftly enter the sonic landscape; dripping with soul and emotion against the backdrop of warm guitar lines and punchy percussion beats. 

Talking about the track, Ella Rosa explains:

“This song was written at a point where I felt very hard done by in a relationship that just ended. I felt like I had given a lot to someone who was sitting on the surface and it scared me to think that I didn’t pick up on those red flags. I think it’s always scary after a really long relationship to pick up on the things that you didn’t notice when you guys were together.”

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