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With a style that reflects her love of her home state, and all things California; rising dream/alt-pop artist Ellie d. delivers a sound that is vibrant, mellow, energetic and groovy. With her music narrating the growing pains and trials of navigating her early twenties, her songs can be seen as an emotion filled and relatable stream of consciousness. And delivering the latest in a series of fantastic releases this year; last Friday, the LA native released her brand new single Can’t Walk AwayProjecting her signature dreamy synth-pop sound, the latest track sees Ellie working through that experience of realizing a relationship isn’t as healthy as you thought; and not knowing what the best thing is for you to do, while not quite being able to leave it all behind. 

“I wrote Can’t Walk Away a year ago. At the time I was getting caught up with people or relationships I knew weren’t right for me. I was still learning. I still am, but I’ve definitely grown a LOT in the past year. When I listen to this song now I’m reminded of how important it is to do what’s best for yourself and learn from your mistakes”.

With an effervescent synth-based instrumental to intro the track, Ellie’s soft and gentle vocals emerge onto the soundscape with a painstaking vulnerability and rawness. Gently adding a low-tempo synth-pop beat to the sonic composition, the instrumental remains stripped back and minimal; with Ellie’s vocals being the standout feature on the song. With a stunning simplicity, there is something about the unassuming instrumentation that adds to the emotion of the melody. And alongside the personal and relatable lyrics, this is definitely one song that will have you all in your feelings. 

When talking about the track, and the deeper meaning behind the song, Ellie explains Can’t Walk Away as being about “getting involved and staying in a relationship that you know isn’t healthy. It’s about getting caught up, even though your friends warn you to take it easy. It’s a conflicted desire. Will you be happier walking away? You just can’t seem to leave it all behind. Maybe you wish you never pressed play on the relationship in the first place. You thought you’d be ok”. 

For more on Ellie, and to keep up to date with her musical journey; find her on her socials @elliedubin

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