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Ellie d. – ‘Pretend’

Her first release of 2021, Ellie d. returns with her brand new single Pretend; marking the next step in her artistic journey. 

Yesterday, LA-native Ellie d. followed up her series of incredible 2020 releases with her first single of the year – her brand new track PretendGiving off an eclectic indie-pop vibe, the rising artist continues to place her mark on the industry since her emergence onto the music scene in 2018; now having amassed over 1 million streams on Spotify to date. With her sound and style mimicking the sentiments of Los Angeles, delivering a vibey, groovy, fun and chill energy; Ellie expresses this through her real, relatable and personal lyricism, flowing like a candid stream of consciousness. 

Beginning the track is a stunning instrumental intro, featuring a gentle indie-pop vibe; bringing you deep into the atmosphere of the song, and the vibrant, immersive soundscape. With delicate melodies and mellow guitar lines; as the track builds, Ellie’s hypnotic and honeyed vocals emerge onto the sonic landscape, flowing lightly over the ambient instrumentation and addictive beat. Filled with enchanting arrangements that place a fresh spin on what we might expect from the indie-pop genre, Ellie tells the poignant and candid narrative through her emotive vocal cadences; drowning us in a rich, soulful sentiments.

“‘Pretend’ is about the stomach aches and overthinking you get when you start to develop feelings for someone. You get a taste of it and there’s no turning back. Is that struggle worth it? Or is it better to be alone, single, and not be into someone at all?”

Ellie explaining the meaning behind Pretend.

With an exciting journey ahead, make sure to keep up with Ellie’s exciting musical journey @elliedubin

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