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Emily Coupe’s ‘One To Blame’ is fiery and ever-changing

A multi-talented up-and-coming actress and ever-evolving pop/country artist Emily Coupe is on the rise, experimenting with different genres and the elements in her music. Australian-born Emily’s year in 2022 is shaping up to be a big one, with her not just attempting to break into the acting world but also releasing many singles throughout the year. One of which is “One To Blame”, a blazing, forceful, and resilient mix of classic pop styles with an infusion of angst, with its driving beats conveying power and resilience.

When it comes to the song, Emily shares:

 “It’s about that fire inside that pushes each of us. I wanted to capture that sting of failing, toxic relationships and turn it into something that unfortunately many out there – especially young women – could relate to.” The song is somewhat of a departure for the typically joyful Australian-born half-Asian, half-English artist. “That pressure to push on, very much a part of my personal experience, I think is present on ‘One To Blame’”

Emily Coupe’s ever-evolving and maturing voice is only going to get better as her career takes off. ‘One To Blame‘, a terrific reflection of Emily’s ongoing evolution that will be featured in the upcoming film ‘The Crossroads‘,  is out now!

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