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Emily Curtis – ‘Sandcastles’

“Sandcastles wash away, wash away” 

Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina; yesterday, soulful singer-songwriter Emily Curtis came back with her latest new offering as she released her brand new single SandcastlesHer first release of the year, and the latest example of her artistic skill and talent; Emily began making waves within the South Carolina music scene back in 2015 and has since release a steady stream of fantastic releases – starting with the release of her debut single Battleshade in 2017 and including her crowd funded EP HindsightContinuing to place her stamp on the music scene, we are sure to be hearing a whole lot more from Emily in the months and years to come and she is for sure a rising artist to watch. 

Opening with a rhythmic and sweet guitar-led instrumental, the acoustic melody brings us into a delicate and captivating sonic world that perfectly reflects Emily’s signature sound, while also delivering something new. Produced by Micah Nichols, Sandcastles is an immersive and ambient track that lyrically explores a poetic contrast between childhood and adulthood – creating for the joy of it versus creating for success and social status. With a pertinent and poignant underlying message, the narrative and skilful lyricism serves as Emily’s reminder, both to herself and to us, to remember the “why” behind our building, creating, and striving – a stunning emotional tribute to childlike wonder and joy. Told through Emily’s soothing and honeyed vocals, this is certainly not one to be missed. 

Talking about the inspiration behind the track, Emily explained: 

“The goal becomes success & social status and you can’t be happy until you reach the pinnacle. I remember looking at the big houses on the beach that were used for rentals or a second home and thinking ‘those are adult sandcastles, but I wonder if the people who own them ever actually enjoy them? Are they happy?’ If it all inevitably fades away, I don’t want to reach the end of my life and ask ‘What did I build it for?'”

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