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Her latest in a string of enchanting releases, last Friday, Nashville-based singer songwriter Emily Hackett released her newest single – Can’t Help Myself – the latest track from her upcoming project. Keeping aligned with the EP’s theme of love, and the different forms it can take, Can’t Help Myself tells the story of the internal struggle with the ego in learning how to love yourself. Adding a little something extra to the track, Can’t Help Myself marks a new collaboration between Emily, and Nashville band Hardcastle; who provide the stunning instrumentation to accompany Emily’s gentle vocals.

With a temperate country-led guitar instrumental opening the track, Emily’s vocals softly emerge onto the song’s peaceful soundscape, with an enchanting and captivating tone. Carried along by the serene melody, and easy-listening instrumentation; Emily’s vocals are unobtrusive, but by no means fade into the background, as they provide a rich and passionate blend of harmonies and stunning notes. Building the track towards a more up-beat pop ballad as the chorus hits, even through the changes in tempo, there is something that remains soft and calm throughout the songs entirety. 

When asked about the honest track, and the deeper meaning behind it; Emily described it as “a double-edged truth about the difficulty in letting go of the human desire for control and the unavoidable tendency to find yourself going back for more. I know what healthy looks like, and it sure as well isn’t the anxiety I submit myself to when I compare and act out of fear. I know I can’t help myself, but damn… I can’t help myself.”

To add to the single, Emily also released some brand new visuals for the track, that put a fun spin on a typical lyric video. Featuring comic-style graphics, dancing and an eclectic array of images; the video is light-hearted, fun and definitely not to be missed.

A powerful, emotive and uplifting new single from Emily Hackett, she is once again proving her talent as a gifted singer and songwriter and artist to watch. For more on Emily, check out our post on her earlier single Handle, hereAnd too keep up to date with all her music news and future releases, find her on all her socials @ms_emilyhackett

Photo Cred @ Daniel Dmitri

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