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ENDITFAUST will make an impression with new single “Ditch”

ENDITFAUST has provided a much needed, refreshing take on grunge music. Growing up in Eastern Europe in the 2000s, ENDITFAUST’s music comes from him feeling that he was not able to fit in anywhere. His music isn’t only unique and infectious, but also creates a community of like minded people. ENDITFAUST’s music fully represents him and aims to engage and entice his audience. 

He’s back with a new single entitled “Ditch.” “Ditch” is an irresistible new offering that will be sure to create an instant impression. The track merges together atmospheric instrumentation with infectious rhythms. His vocals are softly penned but come soaked in emotion. 

Speaking about the single, ENDITFAUST says: “I just grab an instrument and instinctively write. For this one in particular however, I used bits of a song I had written around a year or two previously to that. That old song didn’t really work all that well, so I kind of used its essence to transform it from a very dark, slow and grimey song into what this track is.” 

ENDITFAUST is sure to get to the top. This isn’t the last you’ve heard from him. 

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