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ENTITY – ‘How Did You Get Into My Bed’

The latest in a series of incredible releases; last month, rising artist ENTITY delivered her latest offering – her brand new single How Did You Get Into My Bed.

New York City based artist Natalie Diaz, better know by her stage name ENTITY, is a rising new talent who has been solidifying her place within the music industry over the past few years and is certainly one to watch. Starting her musical journey off from an early age; at the tender age of 5 she discovered music and singing as a form of self-expression, soon progressing her musical talents to become well versed in several instruments including the guitar, piano and clarinet. Since then, she has honed and developed her craft, becoming a highly skilled and multi-talented artist; working as singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ. Continuing her artistic journey, late last month she shared her latest single and first release of the year – How Did You Get Into My Bed.

Delivering a relatable and universal narrative, How Did You Get Into My Bed is an ode to the familiar feeling of waking up somewhere you wish you hadn’t, as Natalie delves deeper to explore the complex nature of reuniting with an ex whose feelings are still there. With bold piano chords heralding the opening notes of the track, a delicate synth led melody fills the soundscape before Natalie’s vocals emerge onto the scene; alongside a punchy and rhythmic drum beat. With glimmering synths and hard hitting percussion, the dreamy indie pop melody flows beneath a poignant narrative about her first love and how it was a moment of realisation for her personally. Knowing she has fallen for another woman, this was Natalie’s breakthrough, finding out about her sexual orientation and that she can love both men and women. Alongside the track are some stunning new visuals, filtered with warm shades of pink, that features her and her lover entwined in passion as she performs the song. 

“How Did You Get Into My Bed is a true story based on an experience where two worlds collide after being separated for years. It showcases a relationship that was once so beautiful, but has turned toxic. How Did You Get Into My Bed resembles the aftermath of a drunken night where an ex-lover finds themselves back in the arms of a person who fell so deeply in love and never really knew how to let go”.

Delivering another fantastic new release, and certainly a rising artist to watch; keep up with Natalie’s journey, and all her latest releases, on her socials:


Photo Cred: @Alexx Duvall

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