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Epokhé releases immersive new E.P “Among All Things”

Epokhé is the moniker of composer Kyle Feehan. His music is a creative outlet for his most innermost thoughts and feelings – with his music touching on longing, seeking and discovery. Feehan isn’t new to the creative industries, and his diverse skillset has seen him work on projects such as Hollywood productions and audiovisual art.

His latest offering comes in the form of an immersive new E.P entitled “Among All Things.” The E.P features some pop/dance-infused tracks such “Hidden,” which consist of pounding drums and atmospheric synths. Other tracks such as “Sindesi” are musical diverse, atmospheric soundscapes. There’s something on the E.P for everyone.

Speaking about the release, he says: “An important inspiration behind the album, and, given its name, the Epokhé project as a whole, is, I think, something that Keats called ‘negative capability.’ That is, the ability to accept, and even enjoy entertaining, the uncertainties, mysteries, contradictions, and doubts that we are inevitably surrounded by, and to do so without ‘any irritable reaching after fact and reason’ – to experience them without needing to explain or come up with any rational solution for them. I tried to translate this idea, as well as the awareness that our perceptions are so often misleading, by taking sounds from the world and presenting them in ‘impossible’ ways. From a technical standpoint, this often involved taking orchestral instrumentation and processing it to the point of making it sound synthetically produced. The album artwork was then created to augment this idea of an abstract, multi-faceted, and inscrutable world.”

With such a unique and diverse take on music, we cannot wait to see where he’ll take this.

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