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Eric Bolton releases raw, emotional new offering ‘Neon Soul’

Eric Bolton showcases his raw and emotional personality on his latest single ‘Neon Soul.’ Shuffling beats, infectious guitars and a unique voice mix together to mould what can only be described as his sound. The track features heavenly backing vocals that thickens the texture, making the track pop and come fully to life.

Talking about the single, Eric Bolton shares: “‘Neon Soul’ is a track about needing your inner light to shine really brightly so you can follow it through all the haziness that you may be navigating. Letting that light of the soul be bright neon to lead the way.”

‘Neon Soul’ is everything a lead single should be – fun, catchy and an absolute banger. The single is taken off his forthcoming album ‘Here Between, an album that showcases different, large chapters of transition and growth in his life. He explains that the album’s title came to be as he uses this album to address the past, present, and future while seeing this time as both an ending and a beginning. With so much potential, we can’t wait to hear it.

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