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EVA releases heartwarming new single “My One”

Brighton-hailing EVA has manage to carve out her own unique and signature sound. With house, garage and pop all informing her music, she’s part of a rising music scene in the UK which isn’t held back by genre barriers or preconceived musical ideas. Her latest single “My One” showcases this perfectly. The single features grooving drums, warm synths and angelic backing vocals. Her lead vocals come soaked in neo-soul sensibilities and create a perfect partnership when paired with emotional lyrics. 

Speaking about the track, she says: “My One’ is a playful anthem that incorporates the Jersey Club sound. The track uses the 160 BPM tempo used in Liquid, and the prominent kick sequence that characterises the Jersey Club sound – yet ‘My One’ holds its own sonic idiosyncrasies. These include a funky bassline break alongside syncopated snares created from sampling ASMR golf swing sounds, feeding into the song’s visual theme of golf.”

This is certainly a strong start from EVA. We definitely expect 2023 to be her year. 

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