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Fairhazel – ‘Brian Wilson’

“After all this money I spent on Halloween decorations”

Continuing his series of incredible releases and the latest of his 2021 singles, rising artist Fairhazel is back today with the release of his latest new track – Brian Wilson. Further showcasing his artistic skill and prowess, Fairhazel creates all aspects of the music himself; from singing, songwriting, arrangement, production, mixing, mastering and engineering, all the way down to the artwork itself. A creative force and rising talent within the industry, Fairhazel is set for another incredible year in music, and we are sure to be getting even more fantastic new releases from him in the months and years to come. 

A gentle and ambient indie-folk led track, the song brings listeners into an emotive and immersive soundscape; filled with bold guitar lines and rhythmic beats. Opening with a melodic instrumental, this is swiftly accompanied by Fairhazel’s ambient and inviting vocals that draw you deep into the song’s sonic world. And with a nostalgic vibe, filled with a restful and enchanting atmosphere, Brian Wilson was inspired by the one and only musical genius, Brian Wilson. A perfect song for the warm and easy-going summer months, Brian Wilson will make a fantastic new addition to all your current favourite playlists. 

“Brian Wilson was written after a short period where I couldn’t stand anything I was writing. It all felt phony and forced. I watched “Love & Mercy”, the film about The Beach Boys and had been listening to a lot of Brian Wilson’s music, he’s a genius and it seems to flow out of him like water. I wrote the lyrics about how I’ve spent my time analyzing his beautiful music, instead of just pushing through and making music until something good comes out. I really disliked the song for a couple of months. I went in the studio and tried some new vocals over it, built a wall of sound thing towards the end and now I love it.”

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