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Fake Doctors, Real Friends

The dream team are back! A great time for fans of the 2000s medical sitcom, Scrubs; Zach Braff and Donald Faison (aka JD and Turk) are back together, this time with a brand new podcast – Fake Doctors, Real Friends. This new podcast takes us back to the good old days of Sacred Heart, as real life besties Zach and Donald sit down together each week to host a re-watch podcast and discuss an episode of the show, sharing behind-the-scenes stories and some of their favourite memories. And the pair are also back, harmonizing together, performing a funky theme song to intro the show, which will definitely put you in a fantastic mood.

Starting the podcast last month, the pair began teasing this secret project on social media, before finally premiering the podcast, and releasing the first episode, at the end of last month. With the podcast beginning last month, they kick off the first episode live from quarantine over zoom; infusing some added humour to the show which included Donald recording from his closet, so to not be interrupted by his kids. Starting at the beginning, the first episode centres around the pilot episode, My First Day; and we hear the pair reminiscing about their auditions, fun facts about the episode, and running through the pilot scene by scene. 

Earlier this week, they also dropped episode number two (Scrubs season one season episode 2) – My Mentor. And while on social media, Zach teased some upcoming episodes, which included an upcoming appearance on the show from Sarah Chalke who played Eliot Reid on Scrubs.

So if you’re a fan of Scrubs and want to re-watch the show, especially now while in quarantine, or if you fancy getting into a new programme; watch along with Donald and Zach every week and get the low-down on all the backstage banter and stories. And keep up with the pair on their socials (@zachbraff & @donald_faison/@donald_aison), and make sure to subscribe to the podcast, to hear new episodes of Fake Doctors, Real Friends every week. 

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