FALL or FLIGHT impress on new track ‘mAGELLAN (oPEN hEART oPEN sKY)’

FALL or FLIGHT are an anonymous pop/electronic outfit specialising in marrying killer sonics with boutique visuals in order to give their fans a much more immersive experience with their projects. They are based in Orlando, FL (when they’re not in orbit) and have been releasing music for a little over a year. Now back with a serious bop, FALL or FLIGHT are showing us exactly what they are made of in ‘mAGELLAN (oPEN hEART oPEN sKY)’.

Created in collaboration with International DJ, Producer, and Red Bull 3Style National Champion, M-Squared,  ‘mAGELLAN (oPEN hEART oPEN sKY)’ delivers a plethora of electro-pop goodness.

Discussing the new single, FALL or FLIGHT explained: “We’ve been fans of M-Squared for a while. We’ve followed him online and love what we see there…but it was when we caught him live that cemented him as legendary to us.  His live show, in our opinion, is second to none, as his musical acumen, uncanny ability to upgrade the mood of any room, and undeniable energy/love for the music literally saturates every performance.  So, when we reached out to him online about doing something together and he reached back saying that he was in….we were STOKED!  This song took a while to materialize as it was hard to find a two minute snapshot of our MANY conversations encompassing our love of music, our discussions on technology, our musings on the state of the industry, and the MANY many laughs we had together. But we were patient and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result!”

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