FALL or FLIGHT x Madison Olds – ‘Best Part of Me (tHE rEMIXES)’

FALL or FLIGHT is an anonymous electronic-pop outfit who specialise in giving their fans an immersive experience through marrying otherworldly sonics with boutique visuals. 

Based in Orlando, Florida, the group have been sharing their talents with the world since 2020 dropping a collection of stand-out singles and 2 EP’s. Now back with a brand new collection of remixes, the group have propelled their sound to new heights. 

Being big fans of Madison Olds, FALL or FLIGHT were delighted when the pop artist connected with them via Twitter DMs inquiring more about them. The two artists continued to talk and, eventually, the idea of remixing ‘Best Part of Me’ was born. Seeing great success already, the EP’s focus track ‘Best Part of Me (gALAXYWAVE vARIANT)’ has been added to various playlists including ‘Teen Beats’ and ‘soda’ on Spotify. If you’re looking for some new upbeat summer anthems, look no further than FALL or FLIGHT’s new release.

Take a listen here:

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