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Faye Meana – EP: ‘Sweeter Than Heaven’

After much anticipation, and teasing us with the release of several pre-released singles; today, the multi-talented London-based producer, artist and songwriter Faye Meana is finally here with her exciting brand new EP, Sweeter Than HeavenSelf-produced, the EP is a stunning four track record that features some of her hit-singles from this year including Giving It In and What You Do. Delivering a vibrant sound and energy, Faye brings us deeper into her sonic world, immersing us in eclectic soundscapes that draw influences from across pop, soul, R&B and disco. An exciting year for the rising artist, we can be sure to be hearing more incredible things from Faye in the months and years to come. So make sure to check out her latest new release, and stay tuned to see what she has in store for us next.

Delving into universal and relatable narratives of love, romance and heartache, Sweeter Than Heaven sees Faye get candid and real as she reflects on her relationships, both past and present, and delves into all the different facets of love – the good and the bad. Beginning the record is a brand new track, Was It Really Love?, that takes a look at the hard side of love and being in a relationship you took too long to leave; placing the narrative above an ambient and melodic R&B instrumental. Capturing listeners attention with the punchy and rhythmic opening percussive beats of the song, the soundscape transitions to give off a poignant, if not subtly mournful, atmosphere; accompanied by Faye’s skilled and ambient vocals. As the song fades out on a gentle note, it transitions seamlessly into the first of the pre-released singles, Giving It In, that delivers a more up-tempo, disco and throwback pop vibe. 

As we head into the second half of the EP, we get the next new track, Better Than Her, a blissful and heart-warming song that plays as an ode to a happy relationship and the gratitude that is felt when you finally find a person you are perfectly suited to. With a honeyed and soulful energy running throughout, the sonic landscape is filled with soft and enchanting instrumentals that ensnare and intoxicate the senses; bring you deep into Faye’s sonic realm. Placed seamlessly alongside Faye’s delicate vocals and harmonies, this is certainly not one to be missed. And finally, playing the EP out, is the second of the pre-released singles; What You Do. A perfect end to the record, the track opens with an addictive bassline that runs throughout, gently bringing the record to a close on a stunning vocal performance from Faye, accompanied by a minimal and ambient instrumental.  

Talking about one of the new releases on the EP, Was It Really Love?, Faye explains:

“I had written this song a few years back after a split with an ex partner. I’d say the lyrics are pretty self explanatory on this one and I’m sure many people would relate this situation; being in a relationship that took you way too long to leave. I originally had produced it completely different but I wasn’t too keen on the sound so I just kept it to the side. As soon as I started producing the beat that melody came into my head immediately”.

To keep up with Faye, check out all her latest news, music and releases on all her socials: @fayemeana

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