‘Feel Alive,’ by George Wilks, is an enticing new track.

George Wilks, a songwriter, and producer from the South East of England is recognised for his work with the BBC and BBC introducing York, as well as his music, which is greatly influenced by jazz, funk, gospel, and pop, and swirls and pops, luring listeners into an emotional, deep experience every time.’ ‘Feel Alive,’ George’s sparkling new track, has a contemporary rhythm with a nostalgic touch, culminating in something smooth, original, and completely charming.

George describes the latest release:

 “During the time of writing ‘Feel Alive’ I felt like life was starting to return to normal after the pandemic, and I remember feeling like I was able to do all the things I’d wanted to do, and experience new things. That sense of adventure that I had been missing over the previous 18 months was an inspiration in the writing of this song, and I wanted the lyrics to reflect that sense of anticipation. That feeling was put into the context of meeting someone for the first time who you have an instant connection with, and you get that sense of anticipation and excitement about the adventure that may unfold having met this person.”

Prepare to be swept away by George’s silken vocals and excellent musicianship, as his artistic confidence shines through in every note. ‘Feel Alive’ is out now.

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