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Filipa – ‘The Joke’s On You’

Earlier this month, South African singer-songwriter Filipa followed up the release of her earlier 2022 track, No Wordswith her brand new single, and accompanying music video, The Jokes On YouAnother dazzling pop-led hit from the talented songstress, the track showcases another side to her vocal skill and artistry with its subtly moody and dark energy. 

Opening with a glimmering electronic-led beat, the track brings us into a world of confidence, sass, and flirtatious fun, as she sings about karma, and being a step ahead of those who did you wrong. Inspired by a sync brief for a murder-mystery TV series, the track perfectly captures and gives off that dark and mysterious edge. With rhythmic basslines, thrumming percussive beats, and slick vocal runs and melodies; The Jokes On You instantly brings you into its intoxicating sonic world, filled with electro-pop beats and a fresh pop energy that is impossible not to love. 

Talking about the track, Filipa explains: “with these thoughts and feelings, which can be unsettling but liberating at the same time, there is a certain chaos that is present, and one cannot help wishing the tables were turned and even considering revenge. That is what I wanted to encapsulate – the ‘satisfaction’ of seeing ‘karma’ play out or having the upper hand in a bitter situation and/or relationship, whether romantic or any other kind.:

Alongside the single, Filipa also followed it up with the release of a brand new music video. A black and white piece of stunning cinematography, directed by Filipa herself, the video is a perfect cinematic reflection of the track; serving the same captivating, sassy, and moody vibes as the song. Oozing confidence, the visuals see Filipa giving off some incredible main character energy as, dressed to the nines in an all-black outfit, complete with diamante choker, she arrives at her destination on a motorcycle and proceeds to act out her plan of vengeance.  

Giving us an insight into the captivating music video, Filipa explains:

“The idea for the music video was a no-brainer. Visually, I wanted to do justice to the song’s message by crafting a moody, cinematic video that illustrated the idea of relishing in that satisfaction of who laughs last, laughs best. Naturally, I believed that acting out my dreams of being a super cool spy would be a great fit and, of course, would also be fun. I loved getting hands-on with the storyboarding and directing of the video, which made it all the more special. I hope everyone enjoys it!”

Continuing to showcase her talent and tell her stories through her music and song writing, we look forward to hearing what incredible pop hits Filipa comes out with next. And with drive, determination, and creating music that is honest and relatable; as she continues to hone her craft, there is no doubt that 2023 will be an even bigger year for Filipa. So stay tuned, and keep up with her on all her socials: @filipamusic

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