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Foley – ‘Vacation’ EP

“I need you here with me

Stay close

Keep me on my toes”

It’s a brand new music Friday and today, New Zealand indie-pop duo Foley are back with the release of their brand new dazzling and buoyant five-track EP VacationOff the back of their latest single Better Than Love which they released earlier this year, Foley are back and continuing to use their experience of navigating the world as 20-somethings as the inspiration for their quirky, authentic sound and their latest sophomore EP and exciting new musical chapter. Continuing to deliver their shimmering take on indie pop, Vacation is fun, vibrant and exuberant, with this taking the band far beyond their current status and to a whole new level. Following in the footsteps of their 2020 debut EP, On My Conscience, Foley’s sophomore EP Vacation is a delightful meditation on what it means to escape from routine, whether it’s a physical getaway or just being with someone who makes you feel at your best. Filled with a wealth of mesmerizing grooves, blissful pop melodies, and infectious energies, this is one that will no doubt be on repeat all summer long.

Opening the EP with a distinctively funky guitar line is the brand new track Keep Me On My Toes. One of the two new singles, Keep You On My Toes brings us into the sonic world of the record and introduces us to a different side of Foley’s sound and style, and the EP at large. With a groovy guitar led instrumental running throughout, and rhythmic percussive beats, the vibrant soundscape is a mesh of toe-tapping melodies that will instantly have you reaching for that replay button, accompanied by lead singer Ash Wallace’s classic and skilled honeyed vocals. Following on from Keep Me On My Toes is Anything Before You – the stand out song off of the EP and the second new release – that continues the funk inspired and indie-pop styling that are impossible not to love. Delivering more of a mellow energy, Anything Before Yougives off a perfect fusion of sweet and sentimental undertones, paired with an infectious up-tempo instrumental. As we make our way through the record and the final three tracks – all pre-released singles – we get a range of sounds and styles from more sentimental and low-tempo ambient soundscape on Better Than Love, to an up-tempo pop banger on Rendezvous, and finally ending on their anthemic hit single So Personal. 

Talking about Vacation, and their latest release; Foley explain:

“For us, ‘Vacation’ is us trying to be our best to our partners, friends, families, and a reminder to enjoy ourselves. It’s us being confident in our creativity and aspiring to be better.”

An exciting new addition to Foley’s ever growing sonic collection, their continually rising journey is certainly not one to miss. So make sure to keep up with all their latest news and releases on all their socials:


Photo Cred: @Frances Carter