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Francis La Lune creates lasting impression with ‘Reasons’

Francis La Lune has already created an impression with his debut single, and we think he’s furthered that on his latest release “Reasons.” “Reasons” is an irresistible offering that is sure to get stuck in your head. The track features thrashing drums, warm guitar lines and infectious vocals. The indie-rock anthem manages to offer moments of vulnerability within it’s anthemic sound.

Speaking about the single, he says: “The main and only reason why I got a driving license was because I grew up wanting to be able to pack and drive away at any minute. Escapism was always dear to me. Having a gate-away car was going to be my window to the world. Against a reality of indifference and normality, a reality that always had to pose the question “why”, this song stands as a big “why not?”. You don’t need reasons to be happy, just get out and do your thing, as when you learn to live on your own, you’ll always be free.

His brilliant sound works hand in glove with his live show. He’s not one to be missed for sure, and with live dates coming up, there’s no excuse not to go. He’s playing on the 8th of March at Old Queens Head in Islington. Tickets available here.

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