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Today, it’s a brand new music Friday as emerging artist Gillian Heidi releases her latest new single – Wonderin’. Teaming up with fellow Bostonian Michael Christmas, the pair draw their inspiration from the vibrant local music scene of their home town. Having already released a series of rich pop-led singles this year, Gillian shows no signs of slowing down. And with this latest single, as she brings in Michael Christmas to join her as her first official feature; she delves into a new side of her sound and artistry. 

Exploring a darker and edgier mood; the track instantly captures your attention with a gently thrumming, subtly reverbing bassline; swiftly followed by Gillian’s sultry and melodic vocals emerging onto the enchanting sonic landscape. As the song delves into more melancholic dark-pop stylings, the track explores an eclectic range of genres as it infuses understated R&B elements with Michael’s dynamic rap verse; adding in a new generic layer.  With a smooth and eloquent flow, Michael’s verse seamlessly blends in between edgy pop instrumentals, and Gillian’s glimmering harmonies. Driving the captivating melody along are Gillian’s spellbinding and hypnotic vocal cadences that have her deliver a mesmerizing string of relatable and honest lyrics – showcasing her talent as a songwriter. 

Discussing the collaboration and working with Michael Christmas, Heidi explains: “I’ve actually been a fan of Michael [Christmas] for a while. I absolutely love his style and how creative it is.” 

 A song that tackles relationship insecurity, with an addictive and hard-hitting beat; the track is definitely one you’ll be having on repeat all winter long. And with her poetic eloquence, and stirring soulful voice; Gillian once again chronicles the trials and tribulations of life through her stunning and unique artistry. 

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