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Gina Naomi Baez delivers her brand new holiday single ‘Christmas Candlelight’

“The holidays might feel dark and cancelled in a sense this year, and I hope this song reminds others of the importance of the season and what truly matters most.”

With our first Christmas release of the year over here on The Stumble Upon; actress, singer/songwriter, YouTuber and influencer, Gina Naomi Baez, released her brand new Christmas song Christmas Candlelight last week. With an exciting and diverse artistic career, the talented creative had landed a myriad of impressive roles across film, TV and Broadway – from Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, to Orange is the New Black. However, it’s her passion for songwriting and music, that has always been the true driving force behind her creativity. And she once again showcases this with her brand new single Christmas Candlelight. 

Pushing boundaries and immersing us in a genre-defying sound; Gina’s music beautifully fuses elements of pop, country and folk as she delivers her unique and idiosyncratic artistry in her stunning Christmas track. Through poetic storytelling and captivating lyricism, the song offers a sense of light and comfort in these unprecedented times, as she puts a 2020 spin on a holiday song. And despite the uncertainty of what the holidays will look like this year; she draws upon that to create a narrative, inspired by the beauty of simplicity, to remind us of what’s really important. As Gina gets us in the holiday spirit, and we prepare for what will likely be an unusual Christmas; she dedicates the song to everyone who is struggling with the repercussions of what 2020 has thrown at us. 

With an organic instrumentation, and soft and warm vocals, the song begins with a gentle piano instrumental, accompanied by a light acoustic guitar melody. Maintaining the stripped back musical composition, Gina’s vocals enter the sonic landscape. Rich and emotive, Gina’s enchanting vocal cadences immerse you further into the delicate soundscape as they glide across the dazzling melody; highlighting her talent and impressive vocal ability. With twinkling percussive beats, and captivating guitar riffs – that give off a subtle folksy country vibe, the song has a quiet, yet distinct, Christmas and festive glow. 

Garnering a mass of success, and building up a dedicated following across television, film, music and social media – notably on YouTube; she has gained support and recognition from a range of outlets and individual such as The Huffington Post, MTV, Ryan Seacrest and more. Succeeding and flourishing in all areas of the industry, and the creative arts; Gina is a dynamic and unstoppable force who is showing no signs of slowing down. And we will no doubt be seeing and hearing more from her soon!

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