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Ginesse delivers her debut EP ‘Somewhere To Die’

“I want my music to make people feel like the whole world is wrapping around them. If I give someone an emotional picture of a specific moment, that is truly special.”

It’s another new music Friday, and today indie-pop artist Ginesse has released her debut EP Somewhere To DieThe musical project of Los Angeles-based actress Cait Fairbanks, the talented actress has already placed her mark on the acting scene with her EMMY nominated role on The Young & The Restless and as Veronica in the critically acclaimed off-Broadway show, Heathers: The Musical. Beginning a new creative affair within the music scene, Cait launched her music project, Ginesse, in 2018 – already garnering praise and acclaim from the likes of NYLON, Billboard, and PAPER. And now, following a series of singles, she is back with her first release of the year as she drops her debut EP, Somewhere To Die.

A compilation of 5 brand new tracks, Somewhere To Die was created with her long-time collaborator and producer Matias Mora. Over the course of the indie-pop record, the soundscape is filled with expertly crafted production that takes the listener on a musical journey. With honest candour, the EP narrates some of Ginesse’s life defining moments, as she brings us into both her personal and sonic world; chronicling her individual, yet universal and relatable milestones and moments that include career changes, black out nights, and falling in and out of love. 

“LA can be a lonely place. The EP is about the

people who have stuck around though it all and

helped changed my point of view of my life

experiences. These people saved my life and made

my music possible. For that, I am forever

grateful. Truth is though, this is just one chapter

of my life; this is the start and I can’t wait to see

what happens.”

As the first notes of the record begin; Ginesse’s lush crystalline vocals are at the forefront of the sonic landscape, accompanied by a stripped-back acoustic guitar instrumental, on the first track – La Isn’t Somewhere To Die. With a mellow pop sound, La Isn’t Somewhere To Die infuses gentle synth elements into the sonic landscape, alongside a rhythmic percussive beat; as we are introduced to the sound and energy of the record. The next track All That I Wanted draws more heavily upon a synth and electronic based instrumentation, while maintaining the same mellow, gentle, almost ballad-like sound and energy. On 4:2 Ginesse delivers a slightly more melancholic vibe; as the distinct and unique electronic melody that introduces the track, weaves its way through the gentle sonic landscape. Moving more distinctly away from pop on 4:2; Ginesse further showcases her diverse artistry and impressive vocal talent.  As we get to track number 4 – Dirtybird, Ginesse delves into another sonic realm as she explores a moodier and more Alt-Pop sound; introducing a subtle array of addictive rock melodies. 

Delving into the final track White Denim, the record brings us full circle as Ginesse takes us back to a more distinctive and light pop sound. A gentle and easy-listening energy, the song is carried along by a rhythmic drum beat that gently lies beneath the warm instrumental, and Ginesse’s honeyed vocals. As the last notes of the EP play out the record comes to a steady end, with a few final harmonies from Ginesse.

A stunning record from beginning to end; Somewhere To Die is a perfect reflection of Ginesse’s vibrant, diverse and multi-faceted artistry. Find her on all her socials @caitfairbanks

Photo Cred @ Elizabeth Miranda


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