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GISS release thrashing new album “II”

GISS are an alternative band that hail from Poland, and are sure to impress you with their riff-roaring album “II.” GISS are quickly gaining the title of rising stars within the music industry, with their unique take on rock music that doesn’t see them bound by genre or place. Supported by huge tastemakers such as Fresh Finds, their sound is a melting pot of over-drive heavy guitars, nostalgic synth parts and infectious vocal lines.

Their latest album “II” showcases their unique sound. Tracks such as “Morning Battle” are larger-than-life offerings with thrashing drums and squealing guitars. Whereas tracks such as “Better Call Paul” are slightly lighter, paying homage to indie-rock greats. An irresistible drum and bass combination will be sure to get you grooving, whilst on top chorus-soaked guitars ebb and flow between each other. Light-landing vocals are infectious and work hand in glove with well-penned lyrics.

Discussing the records formation, GISS explain: “We aimed to create an album of songs about relationships in modern society. We wanted the music to be both as pleasant as pop rock songs and at the same time put in some quirks and twists to make it musically vivid and immersive. We’ve been writing and producing the material mostly on summer excursions to a mountain house over the span of the last few years.”

Tracks such as “Waiting For An Audience”, flirt between Radiohead’s “KID A” and “Amnesiac,” with inflections of Aphex Twin’s ambient works. The release leads into ‘I Need Love’, which is a more commercially crafted indie-pop ballad. Moody toms counter rhythmic synth work, before strings usher in a singable chorus – neatly closing the curtain on ‘II’. With a unique and well-crafted sound, GISS are sure to get to the top.

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