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Go Hawaii’s dreamy new single ‘Kelowna’ is a synth addict’s dream

Go Hawaii, the Italian dreamy Bedroom indie-pop duo, is back with a new, energetic single ‘Kelowna‘, loaded with dazzling synths and enticing guitar riffs. Once again conveying their feelings into their music, the distant, suitably melancholic vocal melody lines and its discordant, whistling syncopated rhythms are a welcome addition to the duo’s driving lo-fi drum rhythm, and it’s likely to be a hit on your summer playlist.

Go Hawaii share:

This song was born jamming on an old Roland keyboard that we used to write the bassline. Starting from this, we worked on an energetic beat and added our typical hook guitars and dreamy soundscape. Lyrics were inspired by the feeling of needing to disguise your true self to fit into society.”

Following prior releases, such as their first EP, ‘Soft Bathrobe,’ the duo’s ambitions to reach out to far-flung corners of the globe with their expressive music have not slowed. So far, they have amassed over 14k monthly Spotify listeners and the duo are currently working on the full-length LP “Trespass,” which is set to release on May 13th, 2022. The single ‘Kelowna,’ which delves into the nuances of dream pop, is a foretaste of what’s to come. 

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