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Graffick unveils his mesmerising fourth album ‘Spectra’

San Diego-based music producer, composer, DJ, and music academic Graffick has just unveiled his brand-new album, ‘Spectra.’ This fourth LP stands as his boldest collection yet, featuring sleek, powerful production with mesmerising sound design. Written over the past three years and recorded in his home studio, ‘Spectra’ takes listeners on an ethereal journey through vivid soundscapes. From the lush airiness of ‘Saw You There Again’ to the thumping intrigue of ‘Black Light,’ Graffick’s latest work is a testament to his inventive style and mastery of electronic music.

Graffick shares insight into the album’s concept, stating, “The concept behind Spectra is that our life experiences exist on a spectrum and that our perception of these events defines how we each see the world.

Blaine Counter, the man behind Graffick, has always had a passion for music. His journey began with a free computer, which ignited his interest in audio production. After a near-fatal accident, Blaine dedicated his life to storytelling through music. Under the moniker Graffick, a nod to his love for illustrative art, he has explored the depths of electronic sound design. Over the past eight years, Graffick has released three albums, four EPs, and numerous singles, continually evolving his sound. With ‘Spectra,’ Graffick once again pushes the boundaries of electronic music, offering a mesmerising experience that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.