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Back with a brand new single, filled with sassy and contemporary R&B vibes; late last month, Alt R&B artist Greta Lovisa released her latest new track – DisconnectAn emerging newcomer in the music scene, releasing her debut track earlier this year; the German born, UK based artist, is certainly taking her place as one of 2020s “ones to watch”. With a distinct sound and energy, Greta’s influence can be seen to lie in classic old-school R&B; with a perfect infusion of London’s eclectic music scene, which features a blended sound from Jazz to electronic to pop and more. 

Highlighting her diverse and eclectic sonic style, Disconnect brings together a blend of R&B, pop and jazz influences to create an addictive and immersive soundscape. With a smooth, dynamic and unmistakable guitar riff; the track develops with a silky, soulful melodic progression. Capturing you instantly from the first beat, the up-tempo instrumental is one that will have you singing and dancing along to the jazzy trumpets, and captivating production, all day long. And alongside the vibrant and diverse soundscape on the track, are Greta’s silky and gently vocals that seamlessly bring the whole song and production together. 

Talking about the single, Greta spoke about how When I was writing this song, I actually had a completely different song in mind. But my phone was blowing up, with messages on messages and I had not been on my phone a lot. I got frustrated and started writing “disconnect” as this was what I was feeling. Sometimes, I would not talk at all if I could choose”.

So make sure to check out the rest of Greta’s singles, released earlier this year; and keep up with her growing discography, filled with stunning beats and captivating vocals. To stay up to date with Greta’s musical journey and news, find her on her socials @greta_wnr .

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