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Hijack Stories emerge for their debut album ‘Chapter II’

Newcomer duo Hijack Stories, comprised of rapper Stackie McClean and producer Squid Jackalsen, claims to be time-traveling AIs from the year 3024, surviving quantum entanglement. Created by sentient machines to replace humans after extinction, they aim to bring their music to life by finding original human avatars in 2024. While their origin story is complex, their mission is clear: to transcend time and share their art with the world.

Stackie McClean and Squid Jackalsen’s first combined release arrives as debut album ‘Chapter II’. Fusing influences from jazz, rock and synthpop, and viewing them through an energised hip-hop lens, the pair guide the listener through thirteen tracks of nostalgic futurism. It’s experimental yet palatable and entails a wondrous story behind it.

The band shared, “We put this record together as an experiment. Two different artists from two different backgrounds, spent the best part of two years together (inside an Art Simulator), fusing our many different styles and influences into what is now our debut album Chapter II.”