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Hoger – ‘Same Mistakes’

His second release of the year, rising artist Hoger has returned with a soft and impassioned indie-led alt-pop track – Same Mistakes. 

Already immersed within the music world, working with artists such as Cher Lloyd, Naaz, and more; singer-songwriter Hoger emerged onto the music scene last year with the release of his own music, as he debuted his inaugural single – RainGarnering over 500k streams already on Spotify alone, he is rapidly carving out a niche for himself within the industry and showcasing his artistic skills and talent. His most recent single Same Mistakes is no exception, as he displays another side to his sonic sound and style. 

With an atmospheric and emotive energy; Same Mistakes is all about falling in love with a toxic person, or being stuck in a toxic relationship, where you somehow were lucky enough to finally find a way out. Although for some reason, you keep going back and making the same mistakes. Delivering a captivating soundscape, filled with resonant guitars and vibrant percussive beats; it’s Hoger’s impassioned and anthemic vocals that stand out above the instrumentation.

“You tell yourself that you will never ever go down that route once more, because you don’t ever want to feel like that again. However, life doesn’t work in a stable and logical way that would make sense and you somehow fall for the same person again OR for someone similar. For some weird reason you love this person and that’s the beauty in the pain; you love and accept the way it breaks you up in pieces.”

The next step in his artistic journey, Hoger continues to develop his artistic sound and style; with his music centering around narratives of love, pain, inner-turmoil and self-doubt. Drawing upon relatable and universal topics; alongside candid lyricism, Hoger’s music draws you in and hooks you from the very beginning.  Find Hoger on all his socials:


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