I.M.O reveal their feel-good EP ‘Don’t Get Upset’

If there’s one thing it’s impossible to do when listening to I.M.O’s new EP- it’s get upset. Uplifting, energising and unashamedly positive, the Birmingham five-piece infuse their soulful sound with nods to Hip-Hop, pop and the odd touch of psychedelia, the band are guaranteed to lift your spirits with their stunning brass melodies and shuffling beats.

Self-described as “music designed to make you feel good”, it’s safe to say that I.M.O have succeeded.Consisting of vocalist Corey K, bassist CJ Thompson, guitarist Jayvian Wickham, drummer Ashleigh Hepburn, and brass multi-instrumentalist Matthew Parnell, I.M.O’s sound is confident and established- it’s difficult to believe that this is their first EP. The future certainly looks bright for this band and their infectious energy!

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