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Indigobee – ‘Not The Girl You Think I Am’

“Slip away, slip away”

Making her emergence onto the music scene; today, brand new artist Indigobee delivers her debut single Not The Girl You Think I Am and introduces us to her sound and artistry. Classically trained as a child, Indigobee was and remains an incredible and talented multi-instrumentalist, growing up on a wealth of classical music, alongside artists such as Fleetwood Mac, and now drawing inspiration from key modern influences such as Jamie XX and Billie Eilish. Using her personal experiences to create and inspire people through music, she brings a layer of emotion and relatability to her artistry and delivers a unique sonic style and energy that blends together and transcends genres; incorporating elements from across classical, indie and pop. 

Giving off a soft and ambient aura, Not The Girl You Think I Am instantly immerses us in an emotive and stripped-back sonic world that delivers and centres around a gentle and melodic guitar-led instrumental. Hauntingly beautiful, the atmospheric and poignant guitar melody is accompanied by Indigobee’s powerful and bold vocals that resonate distinctively across the dazzling soundscape. A first insight into her artistic and sonic world, Not The Girl You Think I Am delivers a narrative that is a poignant insight into her complicated life, told through a mass of stunning and captivating lyricism that connects you more deeply with the music. A track that will no doubt leave you all in your feelings, this is certainly not one to be missed and an incredible debut release. 

“’Not The Girl You Think I Am’ is a very small insight into a complicated life. Initially written about a tarot card reading, the song also describes the repetition I used to have in my life, before discovering life can be as mad and different as you’d like it to be”

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